About us

For business, leisure or for your guests, if you choose a five star hotel, why not a chauffeur service at the same level, since you spend a considerable part of your time on the road?

MULTILIMO is a limousine and chauffeur service brand using deluxe vehicles and highly qualified staff.

Protocol, tours, events and public ceremonies, official and private, are in the origin of more than 20 years of experience.

We are officially licensed by the Portuguese Authority of Ground Transportation – DGTT and by Authority for Tourism of Portugal – DGT.

All our staff is officially licensed by the National Institute of Tourism – INFTUR, with the “Official Tourism Driver” certification.

The author of this project started his activity in the car rental business in 1987, becoming Chief of Operations. In 1997 he starts his own business in the limousine service.

In 2001 he creates a “Chauffeur Service” in Switzerland and two years later goes to London to the prestigious school “Ivor Spencer International School for Butlers Administrators and Personal Assistants”. He then moves to the United States where he improves his knowledge and know-how and returns to Portugal in 2005, when he starts his latest entrepreneurial project – MULTILIMO!